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CCC MusiK Productions, LLC is a MusiK company located in Suisun City, CA that offers Beat Production, Album Art cover, DJ services, Studio recording time, New Drone services!! 

CCC MusiK Productions, LLC!!! Tap in!!!!

CCC MusiK Productions, LLC!!! Tap in!!!!


I am a DJ/Music Producer & the Founder/CEO of CCC MusiK Productions, LLC that’s been building and creating music for about 8 years now! I’m not a high profile Producer but I have managed to excel in producing music! Making music is a huge passion for me and I decided it’s time to professionally get my beats out there for other talented Artist to utilize!! Join me in my journey to create musical creativity and success!! “I support all genre’s of music but in specifically I love to create Hip hop, R&B, Trap, and Pop music! My goal is to support Artist who really need that one Producer to effectively help them strive to the top from the underground and get their voices heard!!”


Drop in your info and stay in touch!!

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